The Sunday Treat

April 4, 2018 in Eeks Ki Duniya

I go to a salon in Bandra for haircut and beard trim (trusted!). The place has extremely regular metrosexuals indulging during the weekends. I prefer to go during the weekends primarily because of such distractions that keep my attention off my designated guy’s antics on me! Or else I will keep directing my guy to do things in a particular way and will keep bugging him. This Sunday was fun with a bookworm getting pampered in front of me. This is a documentation of his indulgence! PS. The 2 missing artists are nostril hair trimmer and eyebrow plucker.

This is the long shot of all artists working on their subject. Because of space constraint, I couldn’t draw the eyebrow plucking artist lady and the nostril hair trimming boy!

The intense head massage man. He is very focussed and can read the neurons and their synapses with his fingertips.. of course, pleasure points too… He asks once in a while, ‘Sir, Is pleasure ok?’.

While all this artistry is on, there is one manager who keeps a tab on the services utilised and he is the one who figures out whether through any gaps one more service can be offered to the customer.

Hand manicure specialist has a flawless hand, the sight of which can give the customer the confidence to go with her service.

Celebrated Pedicure artist. He cuts Shahrukh’s phone in the middle of the service, and would laugh away and say, ‘ Where do I have time to go to Mannat right now?’ As a customer, you would be wondering whether the tip should be Rupees 500/- or 1000/- for a pedicure service of 800/-!

Another view of the Head Massage specialist who would just not massage your head, but if you permit, will complete your body massage with clothes on.

The bookworm couldn’t resume the reading as the artists take over the canvas!

She just does nail paint and polish!

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