Chronicles of Doofus AKA Doofy

March 28, 2019 in Eeks Ki Duniya

Met this hooligan Pug Pedro at Juhu beach. Pedro encroached personal spaces of other dogs and made sexual advances aggressively without their consent, irrespective of their size, breed or sex. Stray dogs were his easy targets and they never protested as the Pug’s owner may have shooed them off in the past. Some pets who were let loose by their owners were also attacked by this pesky pest. Poor Doofy also tolerated this miscreant’s attack for a moment, thinking it was a puppy but soon realised the wrong intention of Mr. Pedro! Doofy, quickly put on his unusual avatar, barked loudly scaring the hell out of the little pug. Felt good walking with my beagle who bravely stood for the dog rights and gave the molester the sounding he much needed. Now whenever there is a signal drop on my Vodafone network ( which unfortunately is a lot nowadays), I remember Pedro! 

Pedro – The Pesky Pug

Stray dogs are his usual targets

A well-groomed Lhasa Apso was also attacked

Even my Doofy wasn’t spared. Doofy who has a large heart and tolerance for pups thought Pedro was a little puppy who was trying to acquaint himself by smelling his private parts!

Soon Doofy realised the Pug’s bad intentions and punished him!

Felt proud walking with the saviour who stood up against the miscreant pug!

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