Gym Boys

August 13, 2018 in Eeks Ki Duniya

Another annoying thing about the gym boys is their irresistible camaraderie! They need to acknowledge each other’s presence rather loudly each day!! And the conversations when they leave the gym mostly revolve around the counts/reps they improved upon or that impossible 30KG dumbbell curls they managed that day! This is an instance where the HSBC bud met his Citi bud, with inexplicable excitement!! CITI was waving his hands to get the attention of his friend on a marathon mission!! All this wild action with me planted on the cycle between them. Once their initial conversations settled down, it was the other guy’s turn to reciprocate the gesture of camaraderie. He pulled out his phone and started shooting a video of his friend running the marathon on the imaginary tracks… I hate photobombing and unknowingly being in a selfie of other people. I know very well that when they reach home, they would die of shock seeing my photo in their selfie! In this case, me cycling sloppily is one video I didn’t want to ever be documented!!



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