Morning Walks

March 21, 2018 in Eeks Ki Duniya

Clap n walk, hang on a stick n walk, just-tummy gyrations, seated gyrations, thigh n leg gyrations!! People have become very comfortable gyrating in the public, thanks to Baba Ramdev for popularising Kapalabhati through TV sets.. everyone is a pranayam expert with their own versions of miracles!! Morning walks have multiple benefits because of all these entertainment means.. there’s circus, ‘stand up’ comedies, laughter challenge, gymnastics.. and the best part is it’s all free of cost and of course you get to walk a little.

Clap n Walk! Doofy didn’t take a liking to this walk as he thought the man was making fun of his waddle!

Hang on a stick and walk! To feel lighter!

Tummy Kapalabhati with rose!

Kapalabhati with vengeance!

Thigh and leg gyration without impacting the upper body-A variation of Kapalabhati ( local innovation) 

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