10 years already…

September 7, 2018 in Inside Eeksaurus

10 years already – time really flies when we are having fun!

After more than a decade of our association with Famous House of Animation, better known as FHOA at Famous Studios in Mumbai (1997 to 2009), Eeksaurus was meant to happen. We were sure of it and more so were the 30 odd artists who did not bat an eyelid at the proposition and made a brave transition with us. We still feel humbled by the act and truly grateful to them for trusting their future with ours. It is the stuff that one wants to go down in history and I hope my attempt here does exactly that.

After an arduous but glorious 12 years from founding and sustaining FHOA, Eeksaurus was this dream studio we so much wanted in order to realize our passion projects alongside working on advertising films. And yet it was so difficult to sever the chord from FHOA’s partner, our dear Mr. Roongta who so graciously let us spread our wings; watching over as we made an attempt to fly, as he does even today..
..and if he is reading this, we want him to know that it is his blessings, trust and care that has made us who we are today. We are eternally indebted to this guardian angel who we remember fondly every time we embark on new ventures..did I say the chord was severed? Actually, no. Because the chords that bind relations can never be snapped.

We continued creating ad films, they just got more complicated yet more gratifying as projects. Clients came to us with what was not easy, where it was always a tall order – on communication, time, budgets but with unwavering faith that Eeksaurus will pull it off by the way of design. With over 400 films and a list of clients with whom we have created lasting relations, we are in a happy space.

We started building original content by the way of our short films, that have made a mark on the international animation film circuit. Our 100+ awards are testimony to that claim. We brought to India the first Annecy Cristal in ‘Commissioned film category’ with our film “Rotary – Fateline.” Eeksaurus is a proud official partner of some prestigious international film festivals. We started a merchandising wing and continue to take up at least 2 projects every year for causes, doing our bit for the society.

Eeksaurus is on a roll! And our guardian angel smiles as we revel in his blessings.

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