Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

Ad Film

Taking off from Park Avenue’s already existing campaign for their Beer Shampoo with a ‘manly’ guy selling beer shampoo for men, the agency approached us with a script on similar lines.


Raymond Ltd







If you have super strong hair, why not have your hair massaged by a gorilla? Although the initial plan was to use a CGI gorilla, we decided to do it with prosthetics instead because why not. We auditioned a few bouncers for the role. The one we picked then went through 4 days of look tests before we got it right. The suit was very heavy and it was a cumbersome process to get on. It had an opening at the back which allowed us to provide him with some anaconda air-conditioning.

The tricky part was that once he sat for makeup, he could not eat anything solid. As a bouncer already following a heavy protein diet, he would load up on eggs before starting. The only solid food he was allowed once the makeup and costume was on was bananas.

Well, good riddance for a gorilla, as it was quite a sight watching a full sized gorilla walking around in Borivili National Park munching on the occasional banana. Watch some behind-the-scenes action in the video below.