Films from before Studio Eeksaurus was born! These ads/shorts were created by Suresh during his time at Famous House of Animation as Head of Animation and Creative Director.







Famous House of Animation

Sulekha is a digital business connecting business and consumers. J. Walter Thompson commissioned this fun animated commercial for the brand called “Arjuna the Archer”, which is loosely set in the mythological context of Mahabharata. The brief was to create a film on any mythological archer as a central character. The skeletal idea was to use the arrow as a cursor. Suresh came up with this story of Arjuna making a journey to meet his beloved.

The commercial emulates the style of Patta Chitra Katha, a traditional form of leaf painting folk-art. The biggest challenge with executing this was to get our big team of 2D artists to integrate this typical and intricate style throughout the film.

We even took help from some Patta Chitra artists for training on the art so that we get it right. We created the drawings on Photoshop and placed them against a digital background perfectly imitating the leaf colour and texture.

Folk art is a timeless art form. It is the art of the people. Every time you see folk art somewhere, it tends to feel personal and layered. We often incorporate it into our films and find interesting ways to weave in a contemporary touch. Blending both folk art and modern elements, this film is a funny, quirky take on Arjuna’s love life with the use of technology.