Perks of working in a unisex salon
January 25, 2017 in Eeks Ki Duniya

Documented this experience at a relatively decent salon in Bandra. Lucky to have the Virat Kohli hair styled guy assigned for my hair cut. I was humbled by the kind gesture of the salon manager. I was wondering how such cool looking guys also get into hair cutting profession nowadays! Just a decade back hair […]

Swana Pranayama
January 22, 2017 in Eeks Ki Duniya

I was doing ‘Swana Pranayama’ (dog-like breathing technique part of the yoga) and suddenly Doofy woke up ( he generally sleeps in Savasana next to me while I struggle to do the Yogasanas) and stared at me angrily as if I was making fun of him.  



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