The Eeksaurus Backyard is a range of quirky objects and characters made entirely out of scrap and materials wasted in production. On a fine Tuesday afternoon when a few of our team members had nothing substantial to do, they tinkered with some metal pieces and built a car, a scooter and a full range of tiny vehicles, which were then proudly displayed on the studio shelves. If only they worked too.

Inspired by this revelation of recycling possibilities, we made it a habit. The metres of flexes that are rendered useless once a shoot is wrapped are now handed to local tailors from Dharavi, who sit at our studio and stitch them into cute pouches, cases and bags, all while entertaining us with their unparalleled humour.

Head to our online store to check out our complete exclusive range – from the coolest metal vehicles to colourful pouches, carry bags, aprons to quirky coffee mugs – and grab yours today!



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